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Welcome To Ewise Consultancy Services Private Limited

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Our History

The members of Ewise Consultancy Services Private Limited have come from a wide range of backgrounds & interests yet there has always been a common vision among them to bring about fundamental changes in cost to quality matrix in the industry, especially at the ground level. We are totally convinced that good quality technology can not be viewed as a prerogative of well funded organizations only and we strongly believed that no matter how small or simple the project is, the quality can not be taken for granted and is achievable only through conscious and disciplined efforts.

Who Are We

We are a Kolkata based IT company, that is envisioned, realized and driven by a handful of smart,
humanly and fearless entrepreneurs, who are striving for a lot more than
what money can buy.


Our Mission

Our motto is to offer high quality yet affordable IT solutions to everyone. We want to rejuvenate existing small businesses as well as fuel enterprising minds to embark upon fresh startups with the help of our value-rich products and services.

What We Do

Our balanced approach absorbs the new technologies and trends in the fray while keeping the backward integration a matter of constant priority.

Meet The Team

Sampa Ghosh | Founder | Chairman

Sampa Ghosh

Founder & Director

Preeti Mukherjee | Director

Preeti Mukherjee


Suchismita De | Co-Founder | Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Suchismita De

Co-Founder | Director | Chief Technical Officer

Anuradha Saha | General Manager

Anuradha Saha

General Manager

Sourav Chakraborty

Chief Consulting Officer

Subham Roy | Manager

Subham Roy

Junior Manager

Company Vitals

Company Name:

Ewise Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.



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Our 6-D Process


Discovering the fundamental problems through brainstorming sessions that our client is looking to solve.


Defining and understanding each element of the project in unambiguous terms.


Designing simple intuitive and elegant.


Developing with discipline and best practices.



Delivering fast accurate solutions for optimum results.


Quickly deploying for real time use

Why Choose Us?

We understand the financial limitations under which most startups and micro/small businesses function in India. We are always trying hard to offer the bare minimum features & functionalities to our clients that enable them to carry out their ventures with maximum efficiency. 

Technological assets those are inflexible & low on quality often prove to be long term liabilities. Delivering high quality work within affordable cost and time is what separates us from the crowd. 

We hate breaching our cost & time estimations. We share our quotation considering all reasonable possibilities & scenarios and do not request any deviation within the scope of the project documents. 

We run several rounds of exhaustive testing on our projects before rolling them out for our clients. 

Nothing can be more important than post development support & maintenance that allows  the end users to have the necessary confidence in our works.