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    Our web designers ensure that the website is fully configured following the most recent SEO standards so that it can be easily accessed. Our unique website designs are so captivating that nobody can look away from them!

    Personal Website

    The foundation of your personal brand is your website. We can assist you if you want to build a personal portfolio website to highlight your best work, sell your goods and/or services, showcase your industry knowledge, start a blog or just organize your internet presence. We create user-friendly, original websites that are quick to load and clearly communicate the page's main idea to visitors. Our web design services include the integration of visuals and the most recent software versions.

    Professional Website

    A professional website can serve as a communication channel, a storefront, a talent showcase, a marketing tool, and a personal branding tool all at once. Essentially, it gives you a unique platform to achieve almost anything by opening up the entire world to you so that you can demonstrate your profession. We develop professional websites with a strong emphasis on branding and marketing fundamentals to ensure your site is as functional as it is appealing.

    Small Business Website

    When you are starting out, building a website could seem extravagant. Let us tell you that a website is a crucial component of your market in the present world. Due of the intense rivalry in the industry, you must develop a stunning digital touch point right now. In order to identify challenges and opportunities, we conduct in-depth research on your market area.

    Corporate Website Design

    A corporate website needs to exhibit everything, including top-notch professionalism, a great user interface, and accessibility. We're here to help, so don't feel overwhelmed. We develop innovative and reliable websites, for large organizations throughout India.  We provide a guarantee by having strong technical proficiency, extensive expertise, consistent customer interaction, and dedication to every detail.

    Pricing Tables


    ₹4.5K + GST


    ₹6.5K + GST


    ₹12K + GST

    Technology Used


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    Project lifecycle/steps

    1. Planning Stage
    2. Gather Content
    3. Plan Structure
    4. Design & Development
    5. Testing
    6. Go Live


    1. We offer strong and unambiguous documentation of the project before kick starting it. 
    2. The legally tangible documents that carry a detailed description of the scope of the project and the cost associated to it are undersigned by both parties and a copy of the same is preserved by either parties to avoid any miscommunication in the fiture. 

    We offer FREE, FAST and HIGH QUALITY AMC for the first year Only. For the subsequent years the client will have to pay certain amount of charges. This AMC charge also include the hosting renewal charges in it. 

    Yes, We do provide paid AMC both for the projects developed by us as well as by third party developers. Cost of such AMC will depend on the exact nature of the projects and the associated hosting services. 

    Yes any number of pages can be added to your website at any point in time (Barring the technical that may exclude such possibilities). However, additional service charges will associated to any such additional works.

    We always share the full and final source code of the entire project with our client and our clients remains the sole owner of the project at all times (unless mentioned otherwise in the contract). Therefore involving any other developer at a later point in time will be easy as pie. 

    WebletIndia - Best Low Cost Web Design Company in Kolkata, India

    What is it like to own a website?

    Owning a website is very much like having an online real estate that hosts your products, services, thoughts, ideas, or information in digital form. Just like any other real estate, the value of such assets depends on many factors such as build quality (The kind of technology that has gone into making the website and the planning behind the design that is known as the site plan), ease of use of the website that comes from intuitive ways of interacting with the website and navigating through it (That is also known as the user experience or in short UX), the aesthetics or looks and the relevant features.

    Every website primarily has the following three parts in it.  

    • User Interface (UI): It is anything and everything in a website that a browser can display and one can see. It is like the collection of all buttons, knobs, and gears in a machine that one can use to interact with the internal mechanism of a device and control it as per your desire. 
    • Back End: It is the brain behind a website that is responsible for various functions a website is capable of performing. All logical tasks including automation are performed by this part of the website. 
    • DataBase

    How to choose the right kind of website design strategy?

    Now consider you are purchasing a physical shop or house! Then what are the parameters that you are likely to evaluate? Well, in general, you will be concerned about the physical dimensions, location & Locality (Which also decides the accessibility to the property), price, etc.

    Similarly, for web assets, you must look for

    • Technology: Since each web technology comes with its own pros and cons, there is no best or worst in this. Your goal and budget should be the only deciding factor.
    • The site plan: Even though largely ignored, the site plan often greatly influences the value and ultimate success of a website. A poorly planned website with badly structured internal links can destroy the business potential of a website even before it is live! No matter how good the user interface & user experience is or how much money you spend on SEO, such websites will never generate web traffic or business.
    • Content: The single most important part of any website is the text and image contents that it hosts. A website that has very little content or if the content is poorly written and designed, ridden with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and factual errors, or Copied (Plagiarised), downloaded (images) from other sources without paying due credit to the original source, search engines such as GOOGLE shall detect it in no time and punish it with low SEO score. As a result, you will find it impossibly difficult to generate any leads, sales, or subscriptions through such websites. Having a website with poor content is like having a gun without bullets or a car without fuel.
    • Identifying The Best Proposal: Upon fulfilling the above three conditions a website can be considered to be SEO ready or SEO optimized. So before you go ahead and award your project to some website design company in Kolkata or elsewhere or to a  freelancer, do make sure that their offers include the above mentioned optimizations. 
    • Enterprise & Domain Name: In contrary to usual belief, choosing the right name for a business or selecting the most appropriate domain name can be a very important part that greatly influences the chances of success in the digital campaign of your enterprise. Even though the matter of name selection may appear somewhat personal but it is not so. Instead, it takes hours of deliberation and research even for the experts to identify a business name or a website site domain that is ideal for your enterprise. Especially for a local business, choosing the correct business name can do a world of good for years to come. We offer a highly optimized digital profile creation service that takes care of everything a local business may require at the time of starting up. 

    How to implement the right website design within a limited budget?

    You can make compromises on features, looks and appearances in the beginning and build on it in the future with the availability of funds, but so far as the choice of technology, planning and development of quality content is concerned there can be no bargain on this.

    However, if the purpose of having a website is purely to meet certain compliance and you are not looking to generate any business or subscription through it then the above mentioned points can be overlooked and you can very well settle for a simple static web page with a few lines of text and some open source images that comes pretty cheap these days.