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Optimization Checklist For Your Website

Want to launch a website, but wondering if you have got everything right? Are you sure you haven’t forgotten to add the necessary digital nuances? Well! We did a little brainstorming to identify the solution. We hope you would gain from our effort. 

1. Check Responsive Design

Predominantly, website traffic rushes in from mobile devices, not desktops. Hence, responsive website design is non-negotiable. Check out website analytics and market research to determine which devices are most likely to drive website traffic. Then test the site on a responsive design checking application for these devices.

To ensure that a website is mobile-friendly, a good website design company should ask and answer the following questions:

Does the website theme work well on mobile devices?

Is the content easy to read on mobile devices?

Is navigation easy and usable on mobile devices?

2. Check Functionality

The first step in the testing phase is to make sure that the web application is functionally correct. Functional testing checks the connection to the database, all links in web pages, cookies, forms used to submit and/or retrieve information about the user, etc. This should be done early in the development phase to speed up the entire application building process and reduce the risk at the end of the lifecycle.

When any good website design company gets the results from these tasks, they basically compare them with the expected results. This needs to be done multiple times with different data items. If the level of accuracy is the same every time, the application is considered functionally correct. No one expects every little bug to be fixed all the time, but testing websites regularly gives us a better chance to develop the best performing apps possible.

3. Browser Testing

Browser Testing is the process of verifying how your website looks in different major browsers and even on different operating systems. This website launch test is primarily done on desktop computers, as there is a separate but important test for mobile responsiveness. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are considered the most essential browsers for browser testing.

4. Check Site Speed

You probably know that page load speed is an official Google ranking issue. Site speed has long been one of the top concerns of  SEO rankings among all web design firms.

How to check website performance

There are many tools to check how your website is performing, you can check your website pages or do a quick scan. You’ll find a list of slow loading pages on your site (along with the size of each page). It’s important to identify sluggish page loading issues as comprehensively as possible. You can also test your website loading speed from different states and regions especially if you are targeting multiple locations.

Let's hit the road....

The other factors that should be checked are image optimization, social media icons, basic meta tags, sitemaps, content, etc. (For more information, feel free to connect with us). Once the checklist is complete you may consider your website design to be fully optimized and ready to take on the challenges of the digital world.

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