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Are you a web designer? Here are 7 hack tools that can shoot up your productivity

Web Design Hack Tools

Web Design Hack Tools And Web Designers' Productivity

Now a days, quite a few web design hack tools are available to increase web designers’ productivity. As a result, the processes involved in developing a website are getting pretty easier and cheap. Moreover, now, most small businesses can now afford to build a reasonably well-designed and optimized website with the help of a professional web designer or simply by designing it themselves. Therefore, gone are the days when web designers struggled with multiple lines of codes. For instance, a writer trying to deliver his best writing from memory just to develop a website. As a result of the availability of various online design tools today, one can comfortably explore her unique creative ideas. There are many tools avilable online. However, here are seven assorted design tools you can use right now to make your tasks simpler. 

In other words, now a business owner or a web designer can use the appropriate web design hack tools to create a suitable corporate or business website with lesser time, cost and significantly little technical knowhow. As a result, the web designers’ productivity increases enormously.

1. Weld

Weld removes complexity by allowing designers to adopt an inside out UX approach. As a result you can create and share responsive interfaces with this prototyping engine without writing a single line of code.

2. Tiff

This tool allows it’s user to place two fonts side by side so that the designers could visually identify the difference between them. Moreover, Tiff is compatible with all system fonts so that you can quickly compare a multitude of different types.

3. Brandfolder

Brandfolder’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to organize logos, colors and fonts into a cloud-based folder so that the same can be made public or private. This tool allows you to have all your content in one place so that you can quickly respond to requests for logos and eliminate the need for one-time emails.

4.  WhatTheFont

This useful site works on identifying and compring various fonts online and on the go, similarly to what Shazam does for a typeface. Now, For instance, while surfing the web, you often come across fonts that you like and WhatTheFont can help you figure out where it came from. Just upload a screenshot of the font in use and a suitable font name will be suggested.

5. Colorkit

Designers can make use this color tool to create, manage, and store their own color palettes. As a result of it’s ability to embed colors in ongoing projects and associate them with shapes and text, organizing colors has become easier than ever.

6. Userbrain

Web Designers can use Userbrain to draw new users to check their website and receive the user feedbacks on weekly basis and Userbrain makes it easy for you to spot issues and make the necessary changes as soon as possible by providing regular feedback. As a result this tool saves many hours of in house testing and bug hunting for the web designer or the business owners.


This smart subscription organiser makes it super easy to unsubscribe from all those bulk emails filling your inbox. Moreover, You can choose to merge all of your emails into one daily email, ensuring that you only get the messages you want and when you want them.

Last Few Words About Boosting Web Designers' Productivity

In conclusion, Each of the above mentioned web design hack tools has it’s own set of distinctive features. However, the user-friendliness, rapid prototyping, and simplicity and intuitiveness of a design tool that keeps it relevant.

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